Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh, That Newspaper Story

The phone rang yesterday morning. It could only mean one thing. I was sleeping. That's the only time it rings.

It was Cookie Gilchrist at the Vancouver Province. He was asking about my baseball web site. The other one. The one I wanted to start working on, but kinda got sidetracked by these blog pages that grew into a project I didn’t start with. I guess he was alerted to it by Jim Robson, the Voice of the Vancouver Mounties (Pacific Coast League), the finest play-by-play broadcaster in Vancouver, period.

The other site has a capsulised history of Vancouver baseball I wrote to help out Ami Catriona, who is endeavouring to do a documentary on the subject. The idea was to also publish stories on the highlights of local baseball history over the years -- the Santiago Rosario bat incident, the Fireball, the first night baseball game in Canada, Babe Ruth's appearance at muddy Athletic Park, and so on. But I’ve been occupied going through each W.I.L. season first. I suspect it may be the summer before I can finish the post-war game stories.

Anyway, it’s been so long since I've been on the other site, I couldn’t remember the URL because I just kinda threw the page together and haven't done much with it (It won’t win any design awards). You can check it out here.


Oz said...

Hey Jim, Oz from Notes From the Nat here.

Found your site via the Province piece and am glad I did. Great research, and I'm stoked that someone is actually taking the time and making the effort to to do it.

I've added you to the Notes From The Nat link list, and done what I can to point folks your way.

Go Horse Doctors! :)

WIL fan said...

For those of curious about Oz's site, which is loaded with candid insider stuff about the current Vancouver Canadians franchise, some pretty insightful commentary and a lot of player pieces you won't find elsewhere. He's at http://www.notesfromthenat.com

Blackrat0909 said...

Great stuff. As I have informed you I am working on a book (with great imput by Bud Kerr)regarding the History of Cap/Nat Bailey Stadium 1951-2007. I have completed 99% of research and writing including -all time list of Capilanos, Mounties and both Canadians- AAA and A with their stats etc. Hope to have it to editor by March.
Keep up your great work. Ken