Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Peace and Quiet in WIL-Land

You can see the blog has been quiet for almost two months and work has come to an abrupt halt on the 1953 game stories. It's certainly not for lack of interest.

About the time of the entry below, the Secretary of an organisation to which I belong was taken to hospital. He is having heart and breathing problems. He is now at home, but recovery is very slow due to his age. So I have assumed his duties as Secretary at his request until he's better. Which, I'm hoping, is by the summer.

I am also Secretary of three other groups and this, combined with a full-time job, has eaten up my spare time.

As well, one of my sources to obtain additional information was out of commission for about a month. So that didn't help.

Anyway, the gist of it is there probably won't be a lot of activity here until the groups I'm involved with take their summer hiatus and I can get back working on this again.

However, I've still been getting some nice notes via e-mail. One was from a newspaper in the Bremerton area which wants to use material here about the Bluejackets. It seems there isn't a lot of information about the old pro ball team there and now they can check out every game ever played here. And I was surprised to receive a kind word from legendary (and he really is) sportscaster and writer J. Michael Kenyon, now living in Oregon. I remember him being at KVI in Seattle (I think that was after he was at the P.I.) and if you want to know anything about old-time wrestlers, he's probably the guy to ask.

People have asked me about pictures. I'm afraid I don't have a picture or card collections (something tells me WIL bubble-gum cards wouldn't have been a huge seller) or anything; I'm sorry I don't as it would add a lot. It's a shame photos from newspaper archives in former WIL cities aren't digitised and available for viewing.


Liz Smith (nee Moody) said...

Thanks for putting this blog together. My father played minor league baseball for the Modesto Reds and is mentioned several times in your blogs. He passed away over 20 years ago and I don't know much about his baseball history. My son is a baseball nut and is so proud to have a grandfather who played professionally. I had a really tough time finding info about him until I found your blog. Keep up the great work!

MarkT said...

If you are interested in some pics or info let me know. I have some WIL photos and programs that could be scanned. My dad and uncle both played for Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Tacoma in the 40's 50's. Both are still around also. My dad might contribute also. His email is lenat@verizon.net

WIL fan said...

Hi, MarkT. Len Tran's your dad? That's great! I would be absolutely, positively delighted if you have anything you could pass on. If you have time to scan some pictures, I would really appreciate it, as would the readers here. (I'd write you but you didn't leave a return address).

They've spruced up the old park here in Vancouver, by the way. It's showing its age a bit, but the owners are doing what they can.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother's brother played for Spokane in 1946 and was on the bus when it went down the ravine and killed a good part of the team. He later went on to a very prominent minor league managerial career. I'd be very interested in contacting you regarding any information you have (or resources you could point me to) regarding my great uncle Ben Geraghty. I can be reached at jtcallag@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.