Sunday, November 11, 2007

Here's What's Happening

The library strike is over here, meaning the painfully-slow process can resume of going through reel upon reel of newspaper microfilm and fill in some blanks for the 1949-50-51 seasons that are on the various pages. (blanks meaning scores and linescores; stories are not available for some games in the newspapers I can access).
On top of that, you'll notice the results for 1953 games at the beginning of this blog start in mid-season, then jump to the beginning. It wasn't planned that way; the blog was actually going to be done differently until I changed my mind (not realising it would create a huge project in the process). So I'm setting up a 1953 page and once I weed through all the pre-season stuff, I'll move the 1953 posts from this page over there so everything's in chronological order.
As I work full-time for a living and am heavily involved in fraternal groups at night (and weekends), the process won't be a fast one. But there's lots of reading to do here now, anyway.

I have also changed my e-mail address you can click on to write. To make a long story short, my ISP doesn't have a recycle box for deleted web mail. And it marks all kinds of useful mail as spam. When I log out, it's gone forever. It turns out someone wrote me about Leon Mohr, the ex-Vancouver and Spokane infielder. However, I never got to read the mail; the ISP marked it as spam and killed it before the subject line dawned on me and I could open it. So, I have a gmail address where this won't happen. And, no, I don't know what happened to Lee. If anyone knows, let us all know by writing here.

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