Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today's Cap Stadium Trivia

The P.A. announcer at the new Cap Stadium in 1951, according to Jack DeLong's column in the Vancouver Sun of July 18th that year, was Luke Moyls.

There's kind of a cool connection here. I was the P.A. announcer at the same stadium 30 years later. On top of that, Luke was sports editor for the Ubyssey in the mid 40s. That's when my dad attended UBC and was on the table tennis team. So Luke wrote about my father in his pages (January 27, 1945, for one).

OK, I thought it was cool, anyway.

He had graduated from UBC by the time he was doing the P.A. but what happened to him after that, I have no idea. In fact, the city directories of the late 40s and early 50s don't even mention a Luke Moyls, though they have three other Moyls listed as "student" and, later, as employees at UBC. So, he's a complete mystery.

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arleenee said...

Hi, my name is Arleene Ewing
Nee Moyls
My dad is Luke Moyls, the infamous, over confident sports' announcer from years gone by. To fill in a few gaps,I can tell you a little more about his life.
My dad was most proud of his reporter/announcing days. He LOVED sports, and our lives were filled with information, and commentaries of any sport that was in season, year round. He married a beautiful woman, Grace Edwards, and ended up with four beautiful girls(of course, myself being one of them). He greatly desired a son to share his passion of sports, but alas, to no avail. I was one of the daughters who was quite athletic and took an interest in sports. It was due to this, that I inherited some of his great memorabilia; some old Capilano baseball cards, a signed mini bat, an old ball, more cards, in a box tucked away. We resided in North Vancouver, in a beautiful waterfront home, in Deep Cove which he had bought in 1968. He had his own business, "F.D. Luke Moyls LTD. Life Insurance" which he ran here on the North Shore. My dad suffered from diabetes and he was not one to take good care of this ailment,continuing to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. At the age of 49, he had a heart attack. He survived the attack, but became more ill as the years passed. By the mid 80's my father could not care for his business any more, so he sold it to Will Fawcett, to become part of "Fawcett Insurance". In 1986, after an operation to amputate his foot, he died of a blod clot to the heart. He was 63.
I have found this interesting, to write this at this time in my life, figuring someone may be interested. If they are, cool... if not, well, I enjoyed writing this.
Thanks for this site....