Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1948 Underway

The 1947 page is just about finished, other than the final stats, which I have to scan, and then format for this page. As the text boxes don't accept more than one space-character, I have to type a special code for each space. It's a pain. I'll get it done when I can scan the stats, make corrections, do the format coding and upload it.

You'll now notice a 1948 link to your right. I've started with the season previews and have done the first couple of weeks of the season. Just about all of the rest of the season will involve going through newspaper microfilm at the library and transcribing. When I have time. So, it'll be a lengthy process. Again, all we'll have is linescores for most of the games that don't involve Canadian teams.

1948 was another close race, the Indians winning by 2½ games (sorry to spoil the ending for you). Imagine if there wasn't all that rain that washed out all kinds of games in the latter part of April and beginning of May. The Spokane win, rather fitting considering the dedication of fans after the 1946 fatal bus crash, is despite Victoria's individual efforts; the team had a player that won 2/3rds of the triple crown and the pitcher with the most wins.

If you read the previews, it sounds like the league would finish with all teams tied for first. But isn't that the way it sounds in every sport, every team, every pre-season?

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