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Friday, August 30, 1946

                 W  L  Pct GB
Wenatchee ..... 82 50 .621 —
Salem ......... 72 58 .554 9
Bremerton ..... 68 56 .548 10
Tacoma ........ 70 62 .530 12
Yakima ........ 63 65 .492 17
Vancouver ..... 59 69 .461 21
Spokane ....... 53 68 .438 23½
Victoria ...... 46 85 .351 35½

VANCOUVER [Clancy Loranger, News-Herald, Aug. 31]—Next Wednesday at Capilano Stadium there will be a “Bill Brenner Night” to honor the rugged young catcher who has had nothing but success since he took over as manager of the Capilanos about three weeks ago.
The fiery backstop doesn’t make many mistakes, but Bill seemed just a little mixed up last Friday. He seemed to think last night was his night, for he slapped two home runs and a single to bat home seven runs and lead his club to a 14-5 triumph over Victoria Athletics.
The triumph was the fifth straight for Bill’s crew—the third time they’ve reached the five-in-a-row mark in three weeks—and the 17th victory for the locals in their last 20 starts.
The win, incidentally, was accomplished without Outfielders Reg Clarkson and Charley Mead. Reg missed a boat, or something, and arrived late, and Charley has a cold. Bill Wright and Watts Gulan plugged the gaps admirably, and after the fourth frame, Vancouver had no trouble.
Victoria was leading 2-1 as a result of Pete Hughes’ homer in the fourth, but Mr. Brenner went to town in the Caps’ half of the inning, his single with two on putting us in front, 3-2.
Bill dropped his sixth four-bagger into Sixth Avenue in the fifth, scoring two ahead of him, and slammed out homer number two in the eighth, after his boys had worked Tony Chapetta for another four runs in the sixth.
Bob Snyder was warmish on the Caps’ hillock, Hughes’ round-tripper and a three-run four-ply smash by Beans Marionetti being his only mistake as he registered his 12th win.
Victoria winds up its stay here with a pair of doubleheaders over the long weekend, and the Caps will be trying for a new season record—nine straight. Alex Palica, who shut the A’s out on the islanders [sic] with four hits earlier this week, will hurl one game tonight, with Ronnie Bryant handling the other.
Tonight’s twin bill starts at 7:30, but there’ll be a change on Monday, Labor Day, with an afternoon tilt at 2:30 and a night game at 8. Hunk Anderson and Pete Jonas will likely work Monday.
- - -
VANCOUVER, Aug. 30—Vancouver Capilanos continued their winning streak tonight as they trounced Victoria Athletics 14-5 in the first of a five-game Western International League series here.
The Caps' manager and catcher, Bill Brenner, sparked the Vancouver victory as he chalked up three hits for five and accounted for seven runs batted in, two of them being homers in the fifth and eighth.
Losing pitcher Tony Chapetta didn't help any as he gave up 17 hits to Vancouvers sluggers compared with six allowed by Bob Snyder.
Victoria's king of swat, Pete Hughes, playing a starry game in right field, came through with a circuit smash in the fourth, although the sacks were empty.
Beans Marionetti, hitting two for four, was the mainstay of the A's rally in the ninth as he pounded one over the fence bringing in Ed Murphy and Hughes for three runs.
The Caps have now won 17 of their last 20 games since Brenner took over managing the club.
Victoria ......... 001 100 003— 5 6 4
Vancouver ..... 001 234 04x—14 17 1
Chapetta and Paulson; Snyder and Brenner.

BREMERTON, Aug. 30—With homers accounting for two of the game's three runs, Bremerton defeated Salem, 2-1, in their Western International League baseball game tonight by converting three ninth-inning singles into the winning run.
Salem scored first in the second inning on Hal Summers' homer over the left field wall. Walt Bliss tied it with the same for Bremerton in the fourth.
Salem .......... 010 000 000—1 8 0
Bremerton .... 000 100 001—2 9 1
Porter, Schubel (7) and Salmon; Federmeyer and Leovich, Volpi (8)

Spokane ...... 001 000 600—7 9 3
Yakima ........ 043 000 032—12 11 1
Rompel, Strait (7), and McConnell; Hallbourg, Collins (8) and Varrelman.

Tacoma ......... 301 010 022— 9 10 1
Wenatchee .... 030 (10)02 60x—21 21 3
Jungbluth, Gerkin (4), Jimmick (4), Greco (7) and Kemper; Green and Pesut.

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