Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More Help for Spokane

The Spokane Baseball Benefit Association has been established in the Washington city to handle the donations which are pouring in from all over the country to help the families of members of the Spokane Indians who were killed in last Monday's disasterous bus crash and to help defray the hospital expenses of those who were injured.
Victoria fans who wish to contribute to the fund may leave contributions at the Sports Departments of The Victoria Daily Times or The Daily Colonist or at radio statoon CJVI. Receipts will be issued to all donors. Cheques should be made to the Spokane Baseball Benefit Association.
- Colonist, June 28, 1946

Bramham Asks Spokane Aid
DURHAM, N. C., — President W. G. Bramham of the National association has called upon all clubs in the minor leagues to lend assistance to the Spokane club of the Western International league, whose roster was wrecked by a bus accident Monday night in which nine of the team's players were killed and several others critically injured.
Bramham said he would permit other clubs in the Western International league to assign players conditionally to Spokane, with the club having until the close of the season to exercise the right to purchase the contracts of such players. This concession is contrary to baseball law, but is being made in the emergency, Bramham said.
He advised it would not be possible for clubs in Western International to option players to Spokane, but they may rush all player help possible under the conditional assignment transfers.
"I urge every club in minor league baseball to come to the aid of this stricken member, which was almost wiped out in one of the saddest tragedies the game has known," Bramham said. "Any of our clubs which can sent a player should immediately offer the assignment of contract to Spokane.
- Friday, June 28, 1946

Benefits Planned For Families of Players Killed
SPOKANE, Wash. —Appeals to major and minor baseball leagues to stage benefit games for families of nine Spokane ball players killed in a bus crash Monday, brought results even before top baseball officials had time to respond.
A committee headed by Mayor Arthur Meehan of Spokane announced yesterday that the Oakland Acorns, leaders of the Pacific Coast league, and the Seattle Rainiers had made quick arrangements to stage a benefit game in Spokane July 8.
The Spokane Chronicle appealed to Baseball Commissioner A.B. Chandler and Judge W. G. Bramham, minor league head, to arrange one game in each of their leagues as benefits.
- Friday, June 28, 1946

Benefit Games Are on Slate
SPOKANE — Three benefit baseball games Thursday were scheduled for July 8 to aid families of Spokane Indian players killed in a bus crash Monday night as Hollywood, Calif., and El Paso, Texas teams consigned players to help rebuild the shattered Spokane club.
Robert A. Abel, Tacoma, president of the Western International league which includes Spokane, announced that Victoria, B.C. will play a benefit game at Tacoma and Yakima will play at Bremerton on July 8.
Earlier, Pacific Coast league officials announced that the league-leading Oakland Acorns and the Seattle Rainiers would play a benefit here on the same date. All three games will be exhibition contests.
Meanwhile, the Coast League's Hollywood Stars announced the transfer of Pitcher John Marshall, on option to Yakima, to Spokane. The team indicated that another player might be sent to Spokane later this week.
El Paso entered the campaign to rebuild the Indians by releasing Catcher Jerry Varrelman and Outfielder Mel Steiner who will report here Sunday to try out for positions with Spokane.
Owner Sam Collins said that the rapid assignment of players from other clubs to Spokane might enable the Indians to resume their schedule with a Yakima series scheduled here July 4. He had three players who escaped the crash.
- Friday, June 28, 1946

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., June 28 - Miami Beach Flamingos of the Florida International League will donate their share of the gate receipts in their game with the Lakeland Pilots here Tuesday night to families of Spokane ball players killed in a bus crash this week.
"It's the least we can do to help in such a great baseball tragedy," President Carl Gardner of the Beach nine said Friday night.
Gardner said the money would be sent to the Spokane team management with a request that it be distributed to the nine dead players' families.

SPOKANE, June 28 - Detective Captain Adolph Windmaiser said today "chiselers" are soliciting funds in Spokane homes on the the false premise that the money will be donated to the families of the Spokane Indian baseball players killed in last Monday's bus crash.

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