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Saturday, July 27, 1946

                W  L  Pct GB
Salem ........ 57 37 .606 —
Wenatchee .... 59 39 .602 —
Bremerton .... 50 36 .581 3
Tacoma ....... 52 39 .571 3½
Spokane ...... 40 43 .482 11½
Yakima ....... 39 52 .429 16½
Vancouver .... 36 55 .396 19½
Victoria ..... 32 64 .333 26

TACOMA, July 27—Bremerton's Bluejackets took over third place in the Western International League standings Saturday night when an 8 to 3 victory over Tacoma, making it safe with four runs in the top of the ninth while pitcher John Pintar held Tacoma in check.
Bremerton ....... 002 100 104—6 12 0
Tacoma .......... 000 000 102—3 11 3
Pintar and Volpi: Martin, Jimmink (5) and Kemper.

WENATCHEE, July 27—Gene Babbitt pitched his 11th win of the season tonight as Wenatchee Chiefs trounced the Victoria Athletics 16-3 to even their Western International League baseball series at a game apiece.
Pete Hughes homered in the third inning for Victoria. For the Chiefs, Dick Adams hit two homers and Jim Warner and Babbitt each got one. Glen Stetter, Wenatchee second baseman, had a perfect night at the plate with two singles and two doubles in four trips.
The game marked the debut of Bob Stumpf, former Seattle Rainier, behind the plate. He replaces Neil Clifford, who was released, on the roster.
Victoria ......... 001 000 200— 3 7 4
Wenatchee .... 410 153 20x—16 17 0
Blankenship, Bass (5) and Paulson, Stumpf (6); Babbitt and Fitzgerald.

SPOKANE, story unavailable
Salem ........ 001 400 100—6 12 1
Spokane .... 000 003 004—7 12 2
Schubel, Kowalski (9) and Kerr; Sandel and Clifford.

VANCOUVER [Clancy Loranger, News-Herald, July 30]—Some brilliant, enterprising breakfast food salesman can make himself a killing right now, if he’ll move fast. All he has to do is get our Capilanos to attribute their weekend batting power to his Krunchy-Krispies, and the kids will storm the stores.
Because the Brownies, Friday and Saturday nights at Cap Stadium, displayed such earth-shaking qualities that they’re almost sure to be listed, along with that thing they used at Bikini, in the next issue of “Who’s Who in Destruction.”
Friday, you’ll remember, they whomped out 20 hits as they piled up 16 runs against the Yakima Stars. Well, Friday’s performance was just a dress rehearsal apparently, for Saturday. They really dragged out the heavy shooting irons for the season’s top crowd Saturday as they snowed the visitors under twice, 28-15, and 9-4, to grab their second straight series victory over the Yaks, 4-3, and cut Yakima’s sixth-place margin to three games once again.
The first contest, which took two hours and 35 minutes, provided, as you may have guessed, everything including a balk. The score was tied a couple of times at 6-6 and 11-11, but an 11 (eleven) run rally by the Caps settled the thing.
Vancouver got 24 hits, Yakima 18; there were 22 extra base hits, including five home runs, five triples, and 12 doubles.
Most fantastic doings were provided in our 11-run eighth, when the locals registered 10 runs, all of Bill Kasepchuk, before Yakima got a man out. Kasepchuk walked six, gave up seven hits and had the full bases unloaded twice before he threw his mitt into the Yak dugout in disgust and stalked off.
There were quite some carryings on by individuals, too. Bill Brenner and Frank Mullens each had a homer, triple and double. Lou Estes batted in seven runs, Brenner six. If you’ve got lots of time, you can find a few more illuminating things in the box score.
There was a suspicion that the Caps might be stopped, cold, in the nightcap, because Yakima threw Al Yaylian at Eddie Carnett’s boys, But even Yaylian, who’d allowed up one run in about three games, was no match for our swatters Saturday. He was pounded for 10 hits and nine runs in four innings, the contest just failing to run afoul of the curfew law, which says you can’t start a new inning after 11:45. There’s a baseball run which says that five innings must be played to make a game a “contest,” too, and it was approximately 11:43 when Yakima came to bat in the fifth.
The Caps now relax for a couple of days, with a picnic (and large bowls of Krunchy-Krispies) on the agenda before playing host to Bremerton Bluejackets here Tuesday.
- - -
VANCOUVER, July 27—Bill Brenner's five hits led a 25-hit Vancouver attack as the Mounties took the opening game of a double-header Saturday night, 28-15, over the Yakima Stars.
Brenner hit for the cycle, and Frank Mullens would have done the same, but failed to hit one out.
Lou Estes had seven RBIs.
23 of the 28 runs were earned.
Despite the scoring, the game lasted two hours and 35 minutes.
In the night game, Pete Jonas won his first contest as a Capilano, out-dueling Al Yaylian in a 9-4 triumph. He gave up four hits, walked four and struck out four in a game stopped in the fifth because of a curfew. Brenner brought in a pair of Capilanos with a triple,
First Game
Yakima ......... 240 050 031—15 18 2
Vancouver .... 632 002 4(11)x—28 25 2
McHugh, Kasepchuk (7), Chapetta (8) and Gibb; Hedgecock, Snyder (5) and Brenner.
Second Game (five innings, curfew)
Yakima ......... 020 02—4 4 1
Vancouver .... 313 2x—9 10 0
Yaylian and McConnell; Jonas and Brenner.

Vico Sold
OAKLAND, July 27—George Vico, 22-year-old first baseman for Portland of the Pacific Coast league, was sold Saturday to the Detroit Tigers of the American league for an undisclosed sum. Vico, brought up by Portland from their Salem farm club of the Western International League on July 19, will report to Detroit for the last two weeks of the season, but will return to Portland for the 1947 season.

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