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Monday, June 3, 1954

                 W  L  Pct GB
Salem ......... 25 15 .625 —
Spokane ....... 24 16 .600 1
Wenatchee ..... 25 17 .595 1
Tacoma ........ 22 15 .595 1½
Bremerton ..... 20 19 .513 4½
Yakima......... 18 20 .473 6
Vancouver ..... 16 24 .400 9
Victoria ....... 9 33 .214 16


By ALF COTTRELL, Sports Editor
[Vancouver Sun, June 4, 1946]
Caps Lack a One-Man Gang

Probably feeling as is someone were strolling down their spines with hobnail boots on, our Capilanos are back for a home stand at the baseball park after a sad week at Salem.
Currently, the Caps are in seventh place but, judging from the rash manner in which Victoria is importing new talent, there is an indication that they won’t be giving us a fair rassle for it soon.
Possibly I should mention that this gloomy view of the situation isn’t unanimous. As proof of that there was the financial transaction that took place in our office only this morning. Keith Matthews, our noted baseball critic, offered to post the sum of $1 in any reliable bank and forfeit same should the Caps fail to finish in the first four this season.
There was quite a dash to cover Mr. Matthews’ money.
The winner, possibly owing to his having got the best of a ragged start, turned up in the person of our rainbow trout and blue grouse editor, Lee Straight.
I wouldn’t want to convey the impression that the local standard-bearers are unpopular in this office. We love ‘em. It’s just that the boys feel we are in a league where it will be very tough to get up off the floor now everybody is swinging.
If there is one thing we lack, in fact, it is swingers. Victoria now has a couple of fellows who bring ‘em up from the ankles in manager Ted Norbert, who led the Coast League in home runs last season, and Pete Hughes. Salem has a similar one-man gang in Ted Gullic, a veteran who always got a lot of mileage off the tee. Gents like that erupt at the most embarrassing moments. Unless it’s the husky new boy, Lou Estes, the Caps have no dynamiter in the ranks.
Up to now, Bremerton has been one of the hittingest clubs in the league. The series that starts at Cap Stadium tonight figures, on paper, to be a battle between our pitching and Bremerton hitting. I wouldn’t advise anyone which way to bet, however. I am trying to curb my famed generosity with other people’s money.

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