Monday, June 4, 2007

Yakima Changes Managers

Clift Named Stars' Pilot
YAKIMA, June 18—Harlond Clift, former major leagues infielder, was named Tuesday manager of the Yakima Stars of the Western International League to fill a vacancy created by the voluntary resignation of former manager Spencer Harris.
"I resigned because the fans wanted a change." Harris said. He said he made the decision Sunday after the Stars dropped a doubleheader.
"Yakima, I still feel, has a good ball club, a winning team, and wish them all success." Harris added. The veteran of 28 years in organized baseball intends to stay in the game but said he had not decided concerning his next move.
Frederick Mercy Jr., president of the Stars, said he hoped the change would clear the atmosphere and snap the Stars out of their losing ways.
Clift, who plays third base, expressed hope the club would change. "I never worked under a smarter leader or sounder player than Spencer," he said. "It was just the luck of the club. I feel as Spencer does that we are due for a change."

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